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Replacement Parts for Volkswagen Transporter, Karmann Ghia, Beetle and Porsche Restoration.

BFY Obsolete Parts is your source for Volkswagen & Porsche replacement parts. Whether you're looking for Beetle parts for your restoration project, an interior for a Transporter, engine parts for a Karmann Ghia, or accessories for a Porsche 356, has everything you could possibly need. With thousands of Transporter, Karmann Ghia, and Beetle parts in stock, and our Porsche inventory expanding, you can count on us to provide you with Volkswagen & Porsche restoration parts that no other company can!
"Just click on the VW category to the left or use the search feature to find the Volkswagen parts you need for your restoration project."
We specialize in providing rare and difficult to find replacement parts for you classic Volkswagen. If you do not find the VW Transporter, Karmann Ghia, Beetle parts you are looking for in our Volkswagen replacement parts catalog, please give us a call or send us an email.

BFY ("bugs for you") also offers international shipping for our Beetle restoration parts and accessories. Please let us know if we can be of service to you. You can reach us by phone at 1-800-789-0900, or come by the shop at 1460 N Glassell St., Orange CA. 92867. If you wish to order replacement parts from Alaska or Hawaii, please call us for product and shipping info!

Remember no matter what step you are at in the Karmann Ghia, Transporter, or Beetle restoration process; we are here to help you find the replacement parts you need at the lowest prices, so browse our Beetle restoration parts now!


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1946-53 Lower 6 Fuse, Fuse Box
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1955-67 Bus left rocker panel
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1950-79 Beetle Convertible Upright Quarter Window Seals (pair)
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1949-53 Beetle New Rear Window glass (each)
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1955-67 Bus 6v & 12v Starter Motor
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1956-74 Ghia Coupe Headliner
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1953-55 Beetle Lower Taillight Lens (each)
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