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Are aftermarket parts the same as OEM?

If you're planning on enhancing your Acura RDX with aftermarket parts, then this is the perfect opportunity! With an abundance of options readily available to you, there's no limit as to how much better your vehicle can look and perform. Whether it's improving its performance or giving it a sleek new makeover - give yourself the luxury driving experience that comes from upgrading your ride today.

This article will guide you through the realm of aftermarket parts for Acura RDX, such as performance upgrades and aesthetic modifications. Additionally, we offer a few handy suggestions to keep in mind while searching for aftermarket parts that will make your car stand out from the rest!


  • This article aims to provide an overview of the topic and delve into its nuances, including what it covers.

Why Consider Aftermarket Parts for Your Acura RDX?

  • Installing aftermarket parts offers far-reaching advantages, from increased performance and power to the opportunity for a totally customized look.
  • We've all faced the dilemma: Is it better to go with an OEM part or a cost-effective aftermarket alternative? Here's a side-by-side comparison of pricing between these two options so that you can make an informed decision.

Performance Upgrades

  • Upgrade your vehicle's performance with an exhaust system and headers to improve torque, horsepower, fuel efficiency, and sound. With just a few modifications you can be on the road to having a highly customized driving experience that is sure to turn heads. Whether you're looking for power or style - or both - this is one of the easiest ways to get started!
  • Make sure your vehicle is running smoothly and efficiently by investing in an advanced intake system and air filter. These products are designed to help you maintain peak performance from your engine, ensuring that it operates at maximum capacity for years to come. With the proper maintenance of these components, you can take advantage of improved fuel economy and power output as well as reduced emissions output. Investing in quality systems also provides a longer life span with fewer costly repairs down the line - making them a smart choice that pays off!
  • Maximizing your engine's performance through precision tuning and expert management.
  • Take your ride to the next level with suspension upgrades! Whether you're looking for a stiffer edge, improved cornering stability or just more comfortable handling in general, our high-quality suspension components are designed to help you get there. With features such as adjustable camber, caster and toe angles; dampers that can be tuned to suit various driving conditions; sportier wheels available in different diameters and widths - all these will guarantee optimal balance while enhancing performance of your vehicle.
  • Upgrade your vehicle's braking system for improved stopping power and greater control. Investing in a more efficient brake setup can help you to drive with even greater confidence, providing enhanced safety on the roads.
  • Supercharged and turbocharged engines are designed to deliver an extra boost of power for increased performance. These advanced systems enable your car to travel faster, achieve higher speeds, and propel you further than ever before! Whether it's a highway cruise or off-road exploration that you crave, these revolutionary machines will give your ride the added oomph it needs.

Aesthetic Enhancements

  • Body kits and aerodynamic components
  • Wheels and tires
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Interior upgrades

General Tips for Shopping for Aftermarket Parts

  • Quality and compatibility considerations
  • Reputation of the manufacturer or vendor
  • Installation and maintenance considerations
  • Legal considerations (e.g. emissions compliance)


  • Summary of key points covered in the article

Why Consider Aftermarket Parts for Your Acura RDX?

If you're an Acura RDX owner, you should definitely look into aftermarket parts. Not only can they give your car the performance upgrades it needs to reach its peak potential, but there are plenty of other benefits too! Aftermarket components can improve engine power, exhaust flow and quality, as well as enhance your vehicle's suspension capabilities – all things that OEM parts simply cannot do.

Furthermore, aftermarket parts are a great way to personalize your ride and make it one-of-a-kind. Whether you want to upgrade its style or be distinct from the rest of the drivers on the road, these modifications can help bring your car dreams into reality.

Aftermarket parts are not only convenient, they're also much more economical than OEM parts. This is because aftermarket manufacturers don't have the same overhead costs as their OEM counterparts; this financial flexibility allows them to pass savings onto you!

Performance Upgrades

Want to amp up your Acura RDX? There's no shortage of performance upgrades, and here are a few of the most beloved options for this popular model:

Upgrade your exhaust system and headers for more power, responsiveness, and a throatier sound. Acura RDX owners should consider Borla, Injen or Magnaflow aftermarket brands for their desired effects.

Boost your engine performance by upgrading to a top-of-the line intake system and air filter. K&N and AEM are the preferred brands for Acura RDX owners, with proven results of enhanced airflow and improved overall vehicle performance.

Tuning and engine management: You can realize improved power, fuel efficiency, and ultimately the best performance from your Acura RDX by simply upgrading its engine management system. Hondata and KTuner are two of the most popular brands for this purpose.

Suspension improvements can instantly enhance your vehicle's cornering and maneuverability, as well as give it a more edgy look. Brands like Eibach and H&R are favored options for Acura RDX owners who want to upgrade their suspension systems.

Boost your stopping power and decrease brake fade with a braking system upgrade for the Acura RDX. Popular brands that specialize in these types of upgrades include Brembo and StopTech, both offering quality assurance.

Rev up your Acura RDX with a turbocharger or supercharger! You'll not only experience outstanding performance gains like higher horsepower and torque - but you can also get kits from renowned brands such as Full-Race and Kraftwerks. Unleash the immense potential of your vehicle immediately by making these easy modifications today!

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