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Can Porsche Wheels Be Repaired?

Can Porsche wheels be repaired? It's a question on many minds when their beloved Porsche is in need of some extra attention. The answer is yes, with the right tools and know-how, you can make repairs to your own Porsche wheels.

No matter how well you take care of your car, it's bound to experience wear and tear over time. Sometimes upgrade mistakes happen and instead of improving the look and performance, they damage wheels instead, like badly secured lug nuts or wrong offset modifications. You may also find yourself dealing with minor dents, scratches and chips that don't quite fit into the look of your car. Whether it's from a parking lot mishap or years of action on the road, you don't have to live with these imperfections forever.

In this article, we'll discuss the necessary steps to repair your Porsche wheels and bring them back to life. We'll also look at some of the common issues you may face when attempting this type of repair and how to handle them.

Who makes the wheels for Porsche?

Porsche uses a variety of manufacturers to make their wheels, including BBS, ATS, and OZ Racing. Each manufacturer offers different styles and sizes of wheels to accommodate various Porsche models.

What are the common issues that may need repair?

The most common issues that may require repairs on your Porsche wheels include: scratches, chips, dents, and corrosion. These issues can occur from daily wear-and-tear as well as accidents that happen on the road.

How do you repair Porsche wheels?

When it comes to repairing a damaged or worn wheel, there are two main methods: cosmetic repairs or structural repairs. Cosmetic repairs involve sanding down and re-painting scratched or chipped surfaces to make them look like new. Structural repairs typically involve welding and reinforcing any weakened parts of the wheel caused by corrosion or structural damage.

The first step in either type of repair is to remove the wheel from the car. This will allow you to gain better access to the damaged area, as well as a better view of what repairs need to be made. Once the wheel is off, it's important to thoroughly clean the surface with a mild detergent and warm water. This will help remove any dirt or grime that could affect the repair process.

Next, you'll need to assess the damage and decide which type of repair is necessary. If it's a minor dent or scratch, you may be able to make a cosmetic repair using touch-up paint or filler. For more severe damages like corrosion or structural issues, you'll need to use welding and reinforcing techniques to ensure the wheel is safe for driving.

Finally, once the repairs are complete, it's essential to ensure that the wheel is safely re-installed on the car. This includes torqueing the lug nuts to the proper specifications for your Porsche model.

How much does it cost to repair a set of rims?

The price to repair scratched rims varies and is mostly dependent on the type of material the rim is made out of. Aluminum alloy and steelusually costs around $50-$150, whereas chrome can be up to $500.


In conclusion, Porsche wheels can indeed be repaired with the right tools and know-how. Repairs range from cosmetic touch-ups to more complex welding and reinforcing techniques, depending on the type and severity of damage. Additionally, costs can vary based on the materials used for your wheel. Properly repairing your wheels will help maintain their condition for years to come and keep your beloved Porsche looking its best.

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